Criminal Defense Results

Aggravated assault and robbery – client was charged with aggravated assault and robbery on an off-duty corrections officer in Bayonne. Client had a prior criminal record and facing the possibly of 10 years in jail on serious charges. After filing a motion to suppress, the matter was resolved with no probation or jail time and a $150 fine.

Indictable drug offense – client was charged with heroin possession with prior offenses. Through filing the appropriate motions, client’s charges were ultimately dismissed.

Illegal gambling offense – client was charged with running an illegal sports book, an offense carrying heavy penalties in New Jersey. Client was also a non-citizen and facing deportation if convicted. Client’s charges were dismissed after evidentiary issues in the case were raised.

Domestic violence – client was charged with assault by his former girlfriend. After an investigation yielded ulterior motives on the part of the former girlfriend, the charges were dismissed.

Simple assault – client was charged with simple assault due to a bar fight. A cross-complaint was filed which ultimately resulted in dismissal of the charges.

Harassment – client was charged with harassment due to a downstairs neighbor’s complaints. The matter went to a full trial. After the State rested, the judge granted Mr. Pastacaldi’s motion for a direct verdict and dismissed all charges against his client.

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