DYFS Cases Results

DYFS v. C. M. – DYFS filed a verified complaint charging defendant with abuse and neglect of his child due to unexplained fractures in his infant child. After a full trial, the court considered evidence showing that the injuries likely resulted from accidental means. The court found the parents did not child abuse or neglect their infant. Client was exonerated and infant was returned to parents.

DYFS v. M. P. – DYFS accused defendant of inappropriate sexual contact with his step-daughter. At trial, cross-examination yielded a host of inconsistent statements in the reports ultimately resulting in client being exonerated.

DYFS v. A.G. – Client was accused of using excessive corporal punishment on her ten year old son. After investigations, the alleged victim confessed he fabricated the incident. At trial, with the introduction of the recantation and inconsistencies in the State’s case brought out in cross-examination, the judge found parent did not abuse or neglect his child and exonerated him.

DCPP v. C. N. – client was accused of abuse and neglect for abandoning her teenage daughter. At trial, cross-examination of the DYFS case worker revealed that the teenager was a repeat runaway and despite mother’s diligent efforts to protect her daughter such as filing a missing persons report, she could not keep her from running away. The court found client did not abuse or neglect her daughter.

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