Landlord/Tenant Matters

Are you being Evicted? Seeking to evict a tenant? Mr. Pastacaldi represents both tenants and landlords in this area of the law.

Representing Landlords: In this day and age, it is difficult to be a landlord. Whether it is trying to collect rent or responding to tenant complaints, the strain of these obligations sometimes discourages individuals from owning income producing properties. Nonetheless, a landlord has a legal recourse to deal with non-complaint tenants. If you have such a problem, call Mr. Pastacaldi for a free initial consultation.

Representing Tenants: Are you unhappy with your landlord? Is he not living up to his obligations under the terms of the lease or seeking to evict you? Mr. Pastacaldi has helped many tenants stop an eviction or assist tenants with enforcing their rights under the lease. Whether you are a business or a residential tenant, Mr. Pastacaldi can help you resolve your landlord-tenant issue.

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