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DYFS Cases (presently DCPP cases) 

The Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) becomes involved when it suspects child abuse or neglect. When this happens, you want a lawyer who will fight vigorously with DYFS to restore your parental rights and reunify you with your children. Mr. Pastacaldi has handled hundreds of parental rights cases in the New Jersey Superior Court, and he works closely with parents to help them through the legal process of dealing with DYFS in these case. He will defend you in the Superior Court of New Jersey when the DYFS seeks to restrict or, in extreme cases, to terminate your parental rights. Should your family become involved in a DYFS matter, you need experienced representation in this area. Call Mr. Pastacaldi to ensure your parental rights are being protected.



Have you recently been rejected from a job due to a background check? You may be able to seal your criminal record in New Jersey to prevent it from being used against you. Expungement law in New Jersey is complicated, and whether you can seal your record will depend on the type of crime your seeking to expunge, the time that has passed, and the overall extent of your criminal record. New Jersey law is favorable in this regard, and you should call Mr. Pastacaldi to discuss your specific circumstances to see if you qualify for expungement in New Jersey.



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